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B777 Flight Deck The PCC Team is made up of present-day Airline Pilots with excellent Training and Line Operating Records. We offer a wealth of relevant industry insight, recent airline interview experience, and career success. Through extensive research, personal experience, and feedback from our clients and contacts, we understand what today's airlines and charter companies look for in a prospective pilot.

Securing the flying job you desire is extremely competitive.

The PCC Team has guided many pilots to their dream airline careers through Resume Upgrades, Effective Cover Letters, Accurate Recruitment Contact Data, Interview Preparations (incl. Airline Specific Mock Interviews, Charter Co. Interview Preps, First Flying Job Interview Preps, Professional Consulting), and Jet Simulator Preparation for the challenging Simulator Evaluations.

Mission Statement:

The PCC website provides 24-hour accurate and free information to aspiring pilots already in the industry, as well as to those researching a career as a pilot. We aim to help pilots in the Air Transportation Industry achieve their career goals by providing them with effective and reliable career management services. Our professional service allows the pilot to grow and foster relationships in the industry, enhance their career as well as raise the standard for the industry. We operate through the world-wide web with a highly focused and informative website to put aspiring pilots on the right approach and attract new pilots to our industry.

Our combined Type Endorsements read:

B777-300, B777-200, B767-300, B767-200, B757-200, A310-300, A320-200, B727-200, B737-200A, C-130 Hercules, Canadair CRJ-200, DH8-Q300 Dash 8 Turboprop, LR35A LearJet35A, LR55 LearJet55, C441 Cessna Conquest Turboprop, and MU2B Solitaire Turboprop.

Our pre-airline backgrounds include:

C130 Hercules Air Force Command, Training/Check Second Officer B727, Commerce University Education, Aviation College Training, Medevac Cessna 441 First Officer, Light Twin Captain for Night Cargo Carrier, Flight Instructing, Flying SkyDivers, to Medevac LearJet First Officer.

Enough about us, we would like to hear more about you and your aspirations.

The PCC Team's mandate is to develop, produce, and continuously update the most user-friendly and informative Pilot Career Platform for ALL Pilots the world over; from student pilots entering the industry all the way to Wide-body Captains crossing our Oceans.

Our goal is a complicated one. The range is massive, as is the world's aviation industry. With that in mind, we want to provide a quick guide on how YOU, at any stage of your flying career, can best use PCC for your own specific needs.


As you surf and research through our extensive site, at any point if you want or need to return to the GLOBAL HOME or PCC HOME page, simply click on the PCC WINGS LOGO at the top or bottom of the page. PCC Wings Logo


This is the mainframe and main page of our website. Here all of the recent Aviation News stories, Air Carrier Updates, and Pilot-Jobs from the across the globe are published. You can return to this page anytime by selecting the PCC Wings Logo. Loads of pilots around the world bookmark the PCC Home Page as their own Home Page.


There are some major advantages in favoring your own Region Page.

Using a similar layout to the PCC GLOBAL HOME PAGE, the PCC REGION PAGES highlight the latest Aviation News, Air Carrier Updates, and Pilot-Jobs – but in this case with a focus on the specific region. However, all Job Opportunities open to International Pilots are also displayed. So if you are from the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America… when you use your Region Page… you can focus on both local opportunities AND opportunities overseas. In other words, you will always qualify in terms of nationality when using your own specific REGION PAGE.


These popular pages focus exclusively on BOEING or AIRBUS Operators – providing our many Boeing pilots & Airbus pilots with the latest Aviation News, Air Carrier Updates, and Pilot-Jobs specific to BOEING or AIRBUS operators. The links are located on the top right of all pages.


Similar to the BOEING & AIRBUS pages, this section is devoted to VIP, CORPORATE JET, and BUSINESS AVIATION Pilots the world over. Find the latest Aviation News, Air Carrier Updates, and Pilot-Jobs centered around Citation Jets, LearJets, Falcon Jets, Hawker Jets, Gulfstream Jets, Legacy & Phenom Jets, Lineage Jets, Bombardier Challenger & Global Jets as well as Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ's.


Similar to the BOEING & AIRBUS pages, this section is devoted to SEAPLANE Pilots around the world. Find the latest Aviation News, Air Carrier Updates, and Pilot-Jobs centered around Quest Kodiak Seaplanes, C206F, C185F, DeHavilland Beaver, DeHavilland Turbo-Otter, Cessna Caravans on Amphibs, DHC6 Twin Otter Seaplanes and more. On top of the Hunting/Fishing Lodge businesses in Northern Canada and Alaska, numerous coastal resorts across the globe are seeing the advantages of Seaplanes and starting or expanding their own Float Operations. Find out more here.


This page focuses on pilots entering the industry up to those with just under 1000 flight hours. Here we have provided extensive insight on how to locate and pursue opportunities when you have low experience. Also you can focus on Low-Time Pilot Jobs. If you are just starting out or still trying to get on track in aviation, this section is a must. Be sure to click through the pages.


Come and filter jobs as you see fit through our powerful Pilot Job Navigator. An incredibly popular page for aspiring pilots.


Not all pilot jobs are published on the internet. In fact many pilot jobs are filled before any publication or promotion is needed. Moreover, like in other industries, it pays to be informed. This powerful section allows our users to look up specific carriers – locally and globally.

  1. You can quickly research a specific company by typing in their corporate name or callsign.
  2. If interested in numerous carriers in a specific area or those that fly a specific aircraft type, you can generate personalized lists – and go through the carriers one by one.

PCC has hosted a valuable AIR CARRIER PROFILES DIRECTORY for years. It is constantly expanding in number of carriers and also in depth of information provided. Today within a specific AIR CARRIER PROFILE, you will find contact info, aircraft fleet, aircraft orders, personnel, and links to their open Pilot Jobs and Online Applications.


This section at the top of our menu allows our users to navigate the latest Aviation Blogs, Pilot Shortage News, Global Aviation News, Air Carrier Updates recently made by PCC Staff, and the latest Pilot Jobs.


Learn more about Flight Schools, Flight Academies, College & University Programs, and Type Rating Training. Search by Specific Flight School or generate a list of schools in your region.


The PCC Team has provided Career Services for aspiring pilots for over 18 years. All of our staff happen to be professional pilots and have a unique understanding of our industry. Successful clients have moved forward into Airline and Business Aviation Careers the world over. Come to this section to learn more about our Professional Resume/CV Design, Cover Letter Writing, and Skype Interview Prep Services.


PCC is an excellent place to advertise your products or Flight Training expertise to pilots and future pilots. Learn more about our Pilot Training Affiliate Program and our Advertising Options. And contact us right away.

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Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance
Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance