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Pilot Career Center - Global

The Ultimate Resource for Pilots and Future Aviators

The Ultimate Resource for Pilots

The PCC website was founded in 2001 and has helped thousands of new and experienced pilots move forward in their aviation careers. We are strongly placed on the world-wide-web as a true leader in the global aviation industry. The website is extremely popular and is visited on a daily basis by thousands of users located all over the world.

Competitive Advantage of the PCC website

Most PCC users come to our website to research Pilot Training Information, Pilot Blogs, Aviation News, Job Opportunities, and other Aviation related information. We believe that your business will benefit greatly from advertising on this popular aviation website.

Advertising on the PCC website will help your organization and your products/services to be seen by a focused marketplace of ready and willing, industry-specific users. The website reaches a unique demographic made up of high-income professionals interested in Pilot Training, Aviation News, Pilot Jobs, Career Insight, Air Carrier Updates, Pilot Resume-CV Design, Interview Preparation, and much more. Therefore, we aim to build strategic partnerships with companies whose products and services compliment the needs of this specialized professional pilot segment.

Banner Ad Options

Banner Advertising is available at a fixed yearly rate on a first come first serve basis for each strategic location on the website. The banner size is 728 x 90 pixels. Here is an example banner ad:

Example Banner Ad (728 x 90 pixels)

Recruitment Agencies

Every year we work with a number of Recruitment Agencies to locate and secure Type Experienced Pilots for lucrative overseas positions. We do this through effective Banner Advertisements highlighting the Open Pilot Positions, Banner Advertisements promoting Recruitment Roadshows / Pilot Fairs, and through Social Media Promotions that we offer as part of the Advertising Campaign. At PCC we actively work with you to promote your pilot openings.

Flight Training Directory – Pilot Training Affiliate Program

If you are a Flight School or Pilot Training Centre and wish to have your business promoted to potential customers, we offer a Premium Business Listing service that enables schools and training centre's to reach a truly targeted audience. Each day a significant number of our visitors begin planning their future pilot careers by conducting in-depth research on the website. Information about our Premium Listing can be found in the Pilot Training Affiliate Section.

What is the difference between the Pilot Training Affiliate and General Advertising?

The Pilot Training Affiliate program is exclusively for Flight Schools and Pilot Training Institutions who want to list their organization in our Training Directory on the Pilot Training Options page. General Advertising caters for all other business types that want to place Banner Ads on other pages of our website.

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