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Aviation News /// Africa & Global
Airlink becomes first South African airline to acquire Embraer E-Jets 2017/01/19 AFRICA
New entrant Rainbow Airlines to use Cemair to help expand Zimbabwe market 2017/01/15 AFRICA
Nigeria to Repair Abuja Runway 2016/12/22 AFRICA
Nigerian Passengers groan as airlines cancel flights over fuel scarcity 2016/12/19 AFRICA
Air Tanzania Confirms Order for 787 Dreamliner 2016/12/14 AFRICA
Airlines Panic As Nigeria, Ghana Run Out of Aviation Fuel 2016/12/12 AFRICA
South African Airways Takes Delivery of Its First Airbus A330-300 2016/12/05 AFRICA
Boeing Debuts 787-10 Dreamliner 2017/02/20 GLOBAL
Lockheed Martin Rolls Out First LM-100J 2017/02/10 GLOBAL
Brazil Launches WTO Challenge over Aid for Bombardier 2017/02/08 GLOBAL
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Air Carrier Updates /// AFRICA & Global
Air Algérie Boeing Fleet Updated. AFRICA
Solenta Aviation Information Updated. AFRICA
Air-Tec Global Info Updated. AFRICA
Federal Air Personnel and Bases Updated. AFRICA
Logistaero Mauritania Fleet Updated. AFRICA
Ethiopian Airlines URL's updated AFRICA
Airlink Personnel updated. AFRICA
Malian Aero Company Personnel, Base Updated. AFRICA
Coastal Aviation (Tanzania) Personnel Updated. AFRICA
Equaflight Service Bases and Personnel Updated. AFRICA
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Pilot Jobs /// Africa
First Officer -- Falcon 900EX EquaJet/Ivoire Executive (Regourd Aviation) AFRICA
Captain -- Falcon 900EX Corporate Jet EquaJet/Ivoire Executive (Regourd Aviation) AFRICA
First Officers (2) -- HS125 Hawker Corporate Jet EquaJet AFRICA
Captains -- Beech 1900 & King Air C90 Malian Aero Company AFRICA
Flight Instructors -- Sling 2, Jabiru 2 + 4 seaters Rotary Air Force - South Africa AFRICA
Type Rated Captains -- Bombardier Q400 Ethiopian Airlines AFRICA
Type Rated Captains -- Boeing B777/B787 Ethiopian Airlines AFRICA
Type Rated Captains -- Boeing B737-800NG Ethiopian Airlines AFRICA
Type Rated Captains -- ATR42-500 / ATR72-500 Precision Air - Tanzania AFRICA
Captains -- Beech Super King Air B200 GS Aviation - Madagascar AFRICA
Contract First Officers -- Beech 1900D Turboprops NAC / Flyawesome AFRICA
Contract Captains -- Beech 1900D Turboprops NAC / Flyawesome AFRICA
Captains -- ATR72-500 Turboprop Kanairline - Thailand ASIA
Non-Rated First Officers -- Boeing B777 Eva Air ASIA
Non-Rated First Officers -- Boeing B744 Eva Air ASIA
Type Rated First Officers -- Airbus A330 Eva Air ASIA
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