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General Info /// GainJet Aviation SA
CEO or MD Captain Ramsey Shaban, CEO
Address GainJet Aviation SA
Head Office
Andrea Papandreou 108
16674 Glyfada
Athens, GREECE
Telephone +30-210-9636600
Gainjet website
Fleet Types 1 B757 Boeing B757-200VIP Airliner,
1 B737 Boeing B737-400VIP Airliner,
1 G650 Gulfstream Business Jet,
1 G550 Gulfstream Business Jet,
2 G450 Gulfstream Business Jets,
2 CL604 Challenger Business Jets,
1 CL605 Challenger Business Jet,
1 E135 Legacy 600 Business Jet.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles LGAV - Athens International Airport / Athens GREECE (B757)
EGSS - London Stansted Airport / London UK (G200)
EINN - Shannon International Airport / Shannon IRELAND

Excellent Company. Provide Corporate Charter Flights throughout Europe, and Globally when required.

Last Update 2018/06/09: Warning - Email Scam info added.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// GainJet Aviation SA
Employer Notes

**See Pilot Hiring Webpage below for more information.  Do not apply unless you meet the minimum requirements they have listed.

WARNING - there are reports of third parties pretending to represent GainJet ... contacting aspiring pilots regarding First Officer Job Openings and asking for deposits be made prior to training.  This is a scam.  Do not pay these fees.  See Careers Page - GainJet below to verify (they do not ask for money from pilot candidates).


* Must hold valid EU Passport / Citizenship.
* Must have legal right to live and work in Europe.
* Must hold EASA Pilot Licence and Medical.

Pilot Hiring
GainJet Aviation SA
Head Office
Andrea Papandreou 108
16674 Glyfada
Athens, GREECE
Pilot Hiring
Careers - GainjetCareers - Gainjet
Captain Evangelos Lykoudis, Flight Operations Manager
Captain Dimitrios Kehayas, CEO Gainjet Ireland
Captain Nick Serfas, B737 Flight Training Manager
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