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airBlue (Pakistan)

airBlue (Pakistan)



General Info /// airBlue (Pakistan)
Callsign 'Air Blue'
Address airBlue
Ground Floor, Saudi Pak Building
Jinnah Avenue
Islamabad, Pakistan
airblue website
Fleet Types 2 Airbus A321-200 Airliners,
4 Airbus A320-200 Airliners.
Aircraft Orders 2 Airbus A320-200 Airliners.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles OPRN - Benazir Bhutto International / Islamabad PAKISTAN
OPKC - Jinnah International / Karachi PAKISTAN
OPLA - Allama Iqbal International / Lahore PAKISTAN

Pakistans first private airline and first low-cost airline.

Last Update 2017/03/23: Information Updated.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// airBlue (Pakistan)
Employer Notes

Captain Requirements:

*Valid ATP from CAA Pakistan.
*Valid Medical Class One from CAA Pakistan.
*Age under 57 years of age.
*Minimum of 5000 Total Flying Hours.
*Minimum 1500 hrs on Transport Jet / Turboprop Aircraft with a MTOW Cat 'B' or higher.

First Officer Requirements:

*Valid CPL from CAA Pakistan.
*Valid Medical Class One from CAA Pakistan.
*Age under 52 years of age.
*Minimum of 1500 hrs Total Time; out of which minimum 250 hrs as an Airline Pilot or 250 Hrs P1 on Multi-Engine Aircraft. Preference given to those with Jet Experience / Hours.

Please see Jobs Link below for further information.


*First Officer candidates need a CAA Pakistan license as well the ability to speak Urdu and English.

Pilot Hiring
Jobs - Air BlueJobs - Air Blue
Captain Sohail Sarwar, Chief Pilot Flight Operations
Captain Zahid Qadeer, Director of Flight Operations
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