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General Info /// Air Alsie
Callsign 'Mermaid'
Address Air Alsie
Lufthavnsvej 3
Box 240
DK-6400 Sonderborg
Telephone +45 7442 9888
Air Alsie website
Fleet Types 4 DA8X - Dassault Falcon 8X Corporate Jets,
6 DA7X - Dassault Falcon 7X Corporate Jets,
1 DA900 - Dassault Falcon 900LX EASy Corporate Jet,
3 DA2000 - Dassault Falcon 2000LX Corporate Jets,
1 DA2000 - Dassault Falcon 2000S Corporate Jet,
1 DA2000 - Dassault Falcon 2000 Corporate Jet,

1 A332 - Airbus A330-200 Airliner,
2 ATR72 - ATR72-500 Regional Turborops,

1 EC135 - Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles EKSB - Sonderborg Airport / Sonderborg DENMARK EKSB - Sonderborg DENMARK

Corporate Aircraft Management, Corporate Aircraft Charters, and Air Ambulance Services.

Partnering up with General Sales Agent Air Partner - to take advantage and grow with the High End Market in Russia and the CIS.

Alliance Air Partner
Last Update 2019/02/03: Info Updated.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Air Alsie
Employer Notes

Note: We only acknowledge applications via our online Crew Recruitment Website. Use Online Application Form below only.

**Applications by mail or e-mail will not be answered.

See Pilot Hiring Webpage below for more information.


* Must hold valid EU Passport / Citizenship.
* Must have legal right to live and work in Europe.
* Must hold JAA/EASA Pilot Licence and Medical.

Pilot Hiring
Air Alsie
Lufthavnsvej 3
Box 240
DK-6400 Sonderborg
Pilot Hiring
Join Us - Air AlsieJoin Us - Air Alsie
Online Application
Online Application - Air AlsieOnline Application - Air Alsie
Mr. Peter Schaarup, Flight Operation Manager
Mr. Poul Jensen, Chief Pilot
Ms. Helle Berit Iversen, Assistant Operations Manager
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