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Current Pilot Jobs /// Morningstar Air Express Limited
Captains, Cessna C208B - YVR YWG YYZ
General Info /// Morningstar Air Express Limited
Callsign 'Morningstar'
CEO or MD Mr. Don Wheaton; Mr. Bill McGoey, GM
Address Morningstar Air Express Limited
6895 Bramalea Road
Mississauga, ON
L5S 1Z7
Telephone 780 453-3022 Edmonton
905 293-6120 Toronto
Morning Star Express website
Fleet Types 5 Boeing B757-200F Freighters,
7 C208B-F Cessna Caravan Freighters,
1 ATR72-F Cargo Regional Turboprop Freighter.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles CYVR - Vancouver International Airport - C208
CYWG - Winnipeg International Airport - C208
CYYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport - B757
CYMX - Montreal Mirabel Airport - ATR

Night Cargo Carrier across Canada on behalf of Fedex.

Hamilton Office now closed and Flight Operations Dept. has moved to Toronto.

Alliance Fedex International
Last Update 2017/07/13: Fleet/Bases Updated.
Current Pilot Jobs /// Morningstar Air Express Limited
Captains, Cessna C208B - YVR YWG YYZ
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Morningstar Air Express Limited
Employer Notes

See Pilot Hiring Webpage below for more information.

When hiring - apply via email: pilot-jobs@maei.ca


* Must be legally entitled to work in Canada.
* Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
* Must hold Canadian Professional Pilot Licences and Medical.

Pilot Hiring
Pilot Career Info - MorningstarPilot Career Info - Morningstar
Captain Steve Lentle, Director of Flight Operations,
Captain Barclay Rutherford, Chief Pilot
Recruitment Email
Currently Hiring? Yes!!!
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