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Current Pilot Jobs /// Aeroflot
Foreign Captains, Boeing B737NG
General Info /// Aeroflot
Callsign 'Aeroflot'
Address Aeroflot
Human Resources - Pilot Recruitment
#10, Arbat Street
119002 Moscow
Russian Federation
Aeroflot website
Fleet Types <u>Aeroflot:</u>

3 Boeing B777-300ER Widebody Airliners,
2 Boeing B777-200ER Widebody Airliners,
21 Airbus A330-300 Widebody Airliners,
21 Airbus A330-200 Widebody Airliners,
14 Airbus A321-200 Airliners,
50 Airbus A320-200 Airliners,
15 Airbus A319-200 Airliners,
14 Sukhoi Superjet 100 Airliners.

<u>Aeroflot Plus:</u>

3 Tupolev 134 - VIP version
2 Yakovlev 42 - VIP version
Aircraft Orders 22 Airbus A350-900XWB Wide-body Airliners,
22 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

28 Superjet-100's,
50 Irkut MS21 - delivery 2017-2022
25 Antonov 140
11 Antonov 148
Pilot Bases / Domiciles UUEE - Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport / Moscow RUS

Aeroflot has only one pilot base in SVO. However pilots are sometimes TDY'ed to other airports for periods of up to 2 months.

Also pilots that do not live in Moscow, on individual bases, can arrange to be virtually based in their home cities as long as AFL flies there and there are other pilots they can "swap" during a turn.

Russia's longest running airline; operating scheduled airline services throughout Russia and across the globe. Also operate VIP Airline Services.

Alliance SkyTeam
Last Update 2017/06/01: Fleet Updated
Current Pilot Jobs /// Aeroflot
Foreign Captains, Boeing B737NG
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Aeroflot
Pilot Hiring
Pilot Openings - AeroflotPilot Openings - Aeroflot
Mr. Sergei Makeev, HR Manager
+7 (499) 500-62-20

Ms. Viktoria Fadeeva, Crew Resource Specialist
+7 (495) 753-86-27

Mr. Aleksey Proskura, Crew Resource Specialist
Recruitment Email
Currently Hiring? Yes!!!
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