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JC International Airlines

JC Airlines



General Info /// JC International Airlines
Callsign 'Cambo'
Address JC International Airlines
Phnom Penh
Telephone +855 (0) 2398 9707
JC International Airlines website
Fleet Types 4 Airbus A320 Airliners.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles VDPP - Pochentong International / Phnom Penh CAMBODIA VDPP - Phnom Penh CAMBODIA
Notes Regional Airline from Phnom Penh.

JC (Cambodia) International Airlines is one of Cambodia’s premier leading airline company founded in 2014. The Company is offering a full range of products and services to all passengers and holds a leading position in the Airline Business Industry. 
Last Update 2018/12/17: Fleet added to PCC
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