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Current Pilot Jobs /// Transwest Air
Captains, Beech Super King Air 200 - La Ronge
Captains, Beech 1900D / Super King Air 350 - CYXE
General Info /// Transwest Air (incl. Floats)
Callsign 'Transwest'
CEO or MD Mr. Pat Campling, President
Address Transwest Air
Human Resources Department.
Hangar 9 Thayer Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
S7L 5X4

Prince Albert Base:
Transwest Air
P.O. Box 100
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 5R4
Telephone 306 764-1404
Transwest Air website
Fleet Types 1 Saab 340A Regional Turboprops,
2 Saab 340B Regional Turboprops,
1 BE02 Beech 1900D Turboprop,
2 BE30 Beech Super King Air 350 Turboprop,
1 BE30 Beech Super King Air 300 Turboprop,
2 BE20 Beech Super King Air 200 Turboprops,
1 BE10 Beech King Air 100 Turboprops,
4 DHC6 Twin Otters Turboprops (Floats/Skis/Wheels),
5 PA31-350 Navajo Chieftains,
1 PA31 Piper Navajos.

2 DHC3F Turbo Otters (Floats/Skis/Wheels),
8 DHC2F Beavers (Floats/Skis/Wheels),
1 DHC2TF Turbo-Beaver,
3 Cessna C185F (Floats/Wheel-Skis)

2 Bell 407 Helicopters,
3 Bell 206B Jet Rangers,
1 Bell 206 Long Ranger,
1 Bell 205 Helicopter.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles CYPA - Prince Albert, SK
CYXE - Saskatoon, SK
CZWL - Wollaston Lake, SK
CYVC - La Ronge, SK
CYSF - Stony Rapids, SK


From Pilot Hiring Webpage below:

'We typically ask that flight crew have as a minimum a Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi/IFR ratings. Other desirable ratings or experience are: Seaplane endorsement, taildragger time, bush flying experience, and fire fighting experience.'

Remuneration depends on the amount of flying done as well as experience, time on type, and time with the company.

Last Update 2017/04/15: Info Updated.
Current Pilot Jobs /// Transwest Air (incl. Floats)
Captains, Beech Super King Air 200 - La Ronge
Captains, Beech 1900D / Super King Air 350 - CYXE
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Transwest Air (incl. Floats)
Employer Notes

The Operations Manager is located in Prince Albert, Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations both based in Saskatoon - see Pilot Hiring Webpage below on how to apply for Flight Crew Positions.

Some pilots hired on a contract basis for the Spring/Summer season.



* Must be legally entitled to work in Canada.
* Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
* Must hold Canadian Professional Pilot Licences and Medical.

Pilot Hiring
Flight Crew Positions - Transwest Air
Mrs. Heather McGonigal, Director of Flight Operations
Mr. Terry McGonigal, Chief Pilot
Mr. Cody Robertson, HR Services
Currently Hiring? Yes!!!

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