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easyJet Pilots Strike in the Netherlands

2016 06 15

Dozens of easyJet pilots went on strike in the Netherlands on Tuesday over a disagreement with the budget airline about working hours, pensions and sick pay, the Dutch Airline Pilots Association said.

The 8-hour stoppage began after negotiations between the pilots' union and the airline's management failed to agree on terms of a new collective labour agreement.

easyJet brought in crews from other airports and there were virtually no flight disruptions out of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, the association said.

The association, which is negotiating on behalf of roughly 60 pilots, said bringing in replacement staff was throwing oil on the fire and said that more strikes were being planned.

The easyJet pilots in the Netherlands are unhappy about their working hours, do not receive sick pay and want the company to make larger pension contributions.

easyJet spokeswoman Kirsten De Haan said in a statement the company was "disappointed" by the strike and that it believed the two sides were close to a deal.


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