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CommutAir pilots awarded United Airlines training dates

CommutAir pilots awarded United Airlines training dates

2016 08 21

2016 08 21

CommutAir recently announced that the first batch of 10 of its pilots received formal notice to join United Airlines under the Career Path Program.  The Pilot Career Path Program (CPP) is designed to lead participating CommutAir pilots on a clear and reliable path to a United Airlines flight deck.

"Today we say goodbye to a group of excellent aviators, with between 4 and 23 years of service, as they plan their move to United," said Joel T. Raymond, Chief Operating Officer at CommutAir.   "CommutAir's mission is to provide the best work environment for our CommutAir career-builders as well as our United spring-boarders, and we look forward to the CPP creating the same opportunities for many more CommutAir pilots, as we continue our quest to becoming the highest growing and preferred United Express partner."

"There were many positive reasons why I chose to join CommutAir 4 years ago. However, when the Company announced the addition of 40 jets and the CPP with United that just added icing on the cake," said Joseph Bommarito, Captain at CommutAir.  "With the rapid growth underway those joining behind me with the right qualifications can look forward to not only a great place to work with solid benefits and pay, but also having the real opportunity to progress to the next level of their career."

The significant growth at CommutAir is driving unprecedented hiring and advancement opportunities within all functional areas of the Company.  CommutAir expects the addition of 40 jets to the fleet to drive an accelerated need for pilot hiring and promotions at its Dulles and Newark bases and has designed an industry leading pay and benefits package that includes:

1.      $15,000 sign-on bonus & rapid upgrades for qualified applicants

2.      Career Path Program – offering qualified pilots the opportunity to  move to United subject to program terms and conditions

3.      Unparalleled Commuter Policy including company paid commuter hotels

4.      Top-tier Pay and benefits including vacation, 401(K) match & health benefits

5.      Accelerated advancement opportunities for all captain qualified candidates


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