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Pilot Resume/CV Strategies in 2016/2017

Pilot Resume/CV Strategies in 2016/2017

2016 09 14

2016 09 14

Resume/CV's remain an incredibly important tool in finding and securing pilot jobs.  In a competitive industry like ours, you need to gain every advantage you can at the application stage and 'Job Still Available' stage.

As we have discussed before, hundreds of pilot jobs are filled before any publication or promotion is needed.  One of the ways this can occur is through the effective use and immediate delivery of a Pilot Resume/CV document.

Examples.. a new pilot working for the local fueling company is fueling a King Air 350 Medevac.  That particular day the aircraft is piloted by the carrier's Chief Pilot and in need of another pilot. 'You looking for a flying job, can you send me a Resume?'.... 'I have one right here - thanks a lot for the consideration.'

Or perhaps at a weekend sports tournament, an old friend of your girlfriend asks if you know 'Jeff on the Bobcats' .... he is a Senior Captain with Executive Aviation.  You meet him, he's an excellent guy and mentions 'you have decent experience, get me your CV and I'll hand it to the Chief Pilot.  He is a good friend of mine.  I'll see what I can do.'

And perhaps at the FBO a beautiful, brand new Global 6000 arrives and taxis up.  VIP's are shuffled into their limousine.  The pilots clean up the aircraft and walk into the FBO and stand next to you at the desk.  Before you know it, you are in the Global Cockpit checking out the All EFIS Flightdeck.  As you leave, the Captain says 'I think we may be in need of another First Officer in a month or two... do you by chance have a Resume on you?' 


A few things we always instill in our clients:

  • Summarize your Career / Qualifications / Currency within a 1 Page Pilot Resume/CV.
  • Ensure your Pilot Resume/CV is well formatted and easy to read. 
  • Have copies printed and ready to hand deliver. Keep in your car and flight bag.
  • Include a page of 4 Aviation Industry References to accompany the Pilot Resume/CV.


Today in our much more connected world, we need to add a few Tips and Strategies...

  • Save your Pilot Resume/CV to your Smart Phone for quick access.
  • If you have a flying job... keep multiple copies of your Pilot Resume/CV with 20 or 50 hour increments added to each copy.  This way, when an incredible and unexpected opportunity arrives, no need to access a computer and adjust the flight times.  Pick the most accurate document and hand it over!
  • Get up to speed on 'the cloud' or 'iCloud' or 'DropBox' and ensure you have these multiple Resume/CV's there on the ready.  This way you can send a link in seconds through your smartphone.
  • Lastly - whatsapp - perhaps the most widely used smartphone app across the globe.  Take advantage of this and have images readily available - namely a professional photo (pilot shirt, tie, clean cut), a photo of the top of your Resume/CV showing your Qualifications, Flight Times, Types Flown clearly shown, and the bottom half of the document showing your jobs, education etc.  All of these images need to be really clear. Now that you have generated interest, you can send your Pilot Resume/CV in full the next day via email and through FedEx for effect.


We hope these tips will help you out - so that you are prepared, either today or at a future date if an unexpected opportunity presents itself!

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