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The World Will Need 637,000 More Pilots in the Next Two Decades

The World needs 637,000 Pilots over next 20 years

2018 02 11

2018 02 11

By Kyunghee Park, Bloomberg News


More and more people are getting ready to travel by plane. Who is going to fly them?

Airlines, especially those in Asia, have ordered new aircraft worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the past few years as rising incomes boost travel numbers to a record. This has led to a shortage of experienced pilots, a situation that looks set to worsen. The world will need 637,000 more pilots in the two decades through 2036, Boeing predicts.

Most will be headed for Asia, which will account for 40 percent of the new pilots, surpassing levels for Europe and North America combined, according to Boeing.

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Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance
Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance