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Ryanair, German Pilot Union To Continue Talks

Ryanair, German Pilot Union To Continue Talks

2018 07 04

2018 07 04

Pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) and Ryanair will continue talks this month to see if a strike of the airline’s Germany-based pilots can be averted.

VC said that since previous talks on improved working and salary conditions failed, exploratory talks were underway to explore whether “results could still be achieved before strikes might take place.”

The potential for strikes refers to a ballot of Ryanair pilots based in Germany that concludes at the end of this month.

VC said that while the airline was now showing “the ability to move in relation to structural changes” of the collective agreement, it had “made a clear statement that the collective agreements must not entail any increase in personnel costs.”

“This is a clear refusal towards VC's position,” the union’s head of Industrial Relations Ingolf Schumacher said. “Under such a premise, it will neither be possible to reduce the pilots' work load with a higher crew factor nor to realise better salaries.”

Schumacher added that Vereinigung Cockpit doesn’t need the collective agreement to merely retain the status quo. “We have had quite a few surprises with this company in the last months already, perhaps a turnaround in the talks is still possible - although it sure does not look like it.”

Ryanair has union recognition agreements with its UK, and most recently, Italy-based pilot unions. The airline has said it hoped to sign more recognition deals with pilots and cabin crew unions “over the coming weeks and months.”


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