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GoAir starts international operations with flights to Phuket and Maldives

India's GoAir starts international operations

2018 08 31

2018 08 31

Low cost carrier GoAir will begin its first international operations with flights from its Mumbai and New Delhi hubs to the popular holiday destinations of Phuket in Thailand and Male in the Maldives.

The first inaugural flight of GoAir will be from Delhi to Phuket on October 11, 2018 and the first flight to the Maldives will be from Mumbai to Male on October 14, 2018

The Wadia led leadership of the airline is known for being fiscally conservative, yet operationally dynamic. Like many of its domestic routes, all the four international routes are considered ‘virgin’, as there are no airlines flying them at present.

GoAir is 12.5 years old but did not qualify for international flights till two years ago, since its fleet was 19 aircraft, one short of the 20 aircraft requirement for international operations, under the infamous 5/20 and 0/20 rules.

Since 2016 the airline revamped its strategy and began inducting new Airbus A320neo aircraft at an accelerated pace. In just two years the airline has almost doubled its fleet to 3836 Airbus A320s, 1917 ceos and 19 neos.

GoAir is expected to launch flights to these destinations from Bengaluru very soon.


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