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Switzerland’s SkyWork Airlines Ceases Operations

SkyWork Airlines Ceases Operations

2018 09 02

2018 09 02

Swiss carrier SkyWork Airlines has stopped flying after it failed to negotiate a survival strategy with a possible partner.

The regional airline ceased all flight operations and handed back its operating license after the last flight on Wednesday.


A company statement said “the economic conditions of the company can no longer guarantee the continuation of the operation.”

SkyWork said the closure marks the end of the last real Swiss scheduled airline.

The Bern-based airline operated Saab 200 aircraft on routes to European destinations from its base and Basel airports.

SkyWork had to cancel all flights in October last year due to a cash shortage. Flights resumed a few days later after Switzerland’s Office of Civil Aviation received documentation supporting the awarding of an air operator certificate to the airline. This time SkyWork was not able to find guarantees and went into administration.

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