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Delta announces record passenger numbers for Summer 2018

Delta announces record passenger numbers

2018 09 12

2018 09 12



LONDON – Delta Airlines this summer flew record passenger numbers, the most in the company’s history.

It has been a busy year for them, as they flew over 60 million passengers between the 24th of May & 5th of September 2018. Records were broken across the board at the airline, due to the record passenger numbers.

The most notable day was the 26th of July, when 662,000 passengers flew with the airline, to destinations around the world. 9 of 10, of the airlines busiest days in history, also occurred during this summer.

On top of this, the airline also flew 80 more peak-day flights, than the same period last year.

The process of making this record-breaking summer started long before summer, actually began, as Maintenance Technicians and planners started planning the summer, during the quieter winter period.

They looked at what went good and what went wrong during last years summer. To make this summer possible it has been a never-ending process, for the vast number of employees the airline has.

During the summer season, Delta was also hit with a number of thunderstorms, which did impact some of the airline’s main hubs, during July and August.

The strong heatwave in Europe has had a small impact, as well as the Hurricane that recently hit Hawaii and the widespread wildfires in both the US and Europe.

On top of carrying record passenger numbers, the same can be said for the company’s cargo operations. With more flights, carrying more passengers, the airline was carrying more air freight as well. Week by week the airline carried record cargo numbers on both domestic and international flights.

The airline has also seen a decrease in passengers missing their connecting flights, compared to last year.


Gil West, Chief Operating Officer commented on these results.

“It’s nothing short of remarkable what Delta employees have done this summer to take care of Delta’s customers and each other while running a safe and reliable operation.”

“No matter the challenge, whether that’s record customers, several severe irregular operations and everything in between the Delta employees have again proven that no one better connects the world.”

“Summer is when Delta’s true spirit shines and our success is because of your hard work,” said West.

“The incredible performance we saw this summer doesn’t just happen, it takes all 80,000 Delta people to deliver a safe and reliable operation with the authentic care and dedication that you all do so well”, West added.


Erik Snell, Senior Vice President at the Operations and Customer Centre added to these results.

“This summer provided a number of opportunities to test our company processes in real-time and it’s clear the initiatives we’ve put in place are bringing meaningful benefit to our customers.”

Tori Forbes Roberts Vice President at Reservations Sales and Customer Care also added, “The Reservations Team had its best summer yet, especially given the circumstances.”

Great to see one of the largest airlines in the world recording these record numbers, given the increase in competition as more and more new airlines appear on the scene, especially low-cost airlines.

Delta is standing its ground as one of the biggest and main players within the aviation industry, and that looks set to continue for years to come.

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