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Professional Pilot Resume Design by PCC

For over 15 years, the PCC Team has been designing / formatting professional, effective 1-Page CV/Resumes for pilots. We specialize in creating documents for all experience levels – whether you are applying to Major Airlines, Regional Airlines, Cargo Companies, Corporate Jet Operators, Flight Schools, Helicopter Operators, or trying to land your elusive First Flying Job.

Professionally formatted 1-Page Pilot-CVs/Resumes are critical to make it in the Aviation Industry – both for the Initial Applications and later on at your Interview, in front of the Chief Pilot and the Interview Panel.

Our Design Staff are current Professional Pilots who have an excellent understanding of the Local and International Aviation Industry; both from a corporate and airline perspective. We regularly help new and experienced pilots from across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East and South America. A minimum of 3 PCC Pilots will work on your new documents in order to minimize errors and maximize the professional look. We work hard to restrict the documents to 1-Page while highlighting your strengths in the most appropriate manner.

  • NEW DESIGNS for 2016/2017 — Our Latest Designs are Amazing!
  • PCC Documents are designed to impress Chief Pilots/Recruitment Personnel!
  • Free Updating of CV/Resume doc provided within 3 years of previous update.
  • Final Documents now delivered in both MS Word and pdf Formats!
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How It All Works

When you order the Professional Pilot-CV/-Resume Service, you will receive an email from our Design Team asking you to send in any old CV/Resume/Cover Letter you have on file. At the same time, we will email you an extensive Questionnaire for you to complete in full. We then take the information provided and begin to design effective and professional documents specifically tailored to the Aviation Industry and your specific opportunities.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We only accept orders through our Online Payment System – therefore you will need your credit card or paypal account info to make the order. To get started, simply click on the BUY NOW links above!

If you have any questions, please email us at

More Information

The Aviation Industry is unique and competitive – and our Professional Pilot-CV/Resume Designs reflect that. Do not get caught with a 2 or 3 page CV/Resume document, or a General CV/Resume document based upon an older document used in business or some other industry.

Instead, have the experts at PCC take your information, ratings, experience, qualifications and build Professional 1 Page Documents that will give you the edge over other applicants – both at the initial application stage and interview stage.

Summary of our Specialized Pilot-CV/Pilot-Resume Documents:

  • Designed with Recruitment Personnel/Chief Pilots in mind.
  • Innovative and Professional Design/Format/Look
  • Individual Strengths Showcased.
  • Effective and Professional 1-Page Layout using MS Word.
  • Flight Times Easily Updateable from your own PC/Laptop.
  • Internet Friendly – apply online thru email attachment or document upload.
  • Available in Letter Size (USA/Canada) and A4 Size (EU/AUS/NZ/Asia/Mid-East/AFR/etc).
  • We update your Professional Pilot-CV/Resume document free of charge. †

The PCC Team has extensive experience with helping pilots, from all corners of the globe, achieve their career goals. From new pilots all the way to highly experienced International Airline Captains, our Pilot-CV/Resume documents are designed to impress. In addition, we often help pilots whose native language is not English. English is the dominant language in the Aviation Industry and your documents need to look professional and must be well-written in English.

A minimum of 3 PCC Pilots work to design new documents for our customers. When everything is complete, the documents are passed around the office to ensure they meet our high standards, have no remaining spelling or formatting errors, and represent the pilot professionally, in the best way possible.

Also, to take full advantage of this popular service, many of our clients use our team to update / upgrade their CV/Resume doc over time as their career progresses. New types, new jobs, new qualifications, new ratings are sent in and then input properly. The document is then re-formatted from top to bottom to maintain our high standards, professional look, and to continue to fit our 1 Page requirement.

† NOTE: This free updating service is provided when the updates are sent in within 3 years of our last correspondence. When longer than three years, we will likely have to build new documents from scratch.

How long does it take?

We regularly receive questions regarding the length of time it will take us to design our Pilot-CV/Resume documents. And our answer is always "it depends on YOU and how thoroughly you answer our questions". We sometimes find our questionnaire is answered with minimal effort, copy & paste, and not enough specific information – despite the examples we provide. In these cases, we have to continue to correspond with the pilot to confirm items such as dates, locations, job descriptions, etc. and this tends to delay the process.

We take a lot of pride in our document designs and finished product – no question our documents are much more professional than the majority of CV/Resumes out there. Also, remember that our policy is to release final versions… ONLY when they meet our high standard.

Many customers DO take the time to answer the questionnaire to the depth we require on their initial attempt, and in these cases we can complete the new portfolio in 4 or 5 days. If you are up against a specific time-line, definitely let us know.

More Feedback

The PCC website offers valuable resources for pilots. Their interview and resume assistance enabled me to enter my interview with confidence, knowing that I would be able to present my qualifications in the best possible manner. Even if you don't yet have the interview you want, the resume overhaul is a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend using the Resume Designers from PCC.

"With a variety of flying positions and experience over my 5 year career, it has become very difficult to convey my qualifications and experience effectively within a one page resume. I called the PCC Team, and they were able to take all of my flying experience and related information and build a resume format that was clear, direct, and focused on my career goal... the airlines! It would be well worth any aspiring pilot to contact the PCC Team and see how their services/insight may benefit them!"

"I needed a new strategy for my upcoming application-onslaught of airlines in the UK. I emailed my 3 page CV to the guys at PCC from the Caribbean, and within 48 hours I was amazed to find my qualifications and data brilliantly laid out on a one page CV. What attention to detail! Fantastic work, thanks again! And hey... I made it!!!!"

Jan2004 Update: "I had a great start to 2004 as I found out I got into Air New Zealand to start in April to be a Second Officer on the B767 or B747 - so I am super happy about that! It was a gruelling three day interview process but I was up for it. The Head of Pilot Recruitment who interviewed me, at one stage mentioned my one page CV that you designed for me. He said it was by far the best CV he had ever seen in the six years he had been in the job. So you can be proud of your work which probably got me the interview in the first case. So good job you guys!!"