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Captains - A320


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Requirements A320 Captains Candidate Experience:

1.  License Requirements: Hold ATPL issued by any ICAO Contracting State. Candidates shall have a valid A320 Type Rating and First Class Medical. The date of last flight must be within the last 6 months.

2.  Contract Duration: Permanent

3.  Candidate Experience: 7000 total flying hours on jets of which 3000 are to be logged on jet aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 30,000 kg or more.

4.  Minimum 2000 PIC on the A320

5.  Maximum age restriction of 55 years at time of joining.

6.  Language Proficiency: English Language level 4 and above.

Note: Crew without minimum experience in A320 should have minimum of 250 hrs in glass cockpit aircraft.
How to Apply Mail / Email
Contact Mr. Ruben Heryanto
Senior Flight Dispatcher - OCC

Jazeera Airways
K.S.C Dep
Kuwait City

Tel:  (+965) 50321829
Jazeera Airways website
  • PLEASE RE-READ THIS JOB POSTING – specifically the Experience, Docs, and Citizenship Requirements before you apply.
  • DO NOT APPLY & DO NOT CONTACT this carrier unless you meet all Requirements/Minimums they ask for. No Exceptions.
  • PCC DOES NOT ALLOW employers to ask for money from pilots. Contact us immediately if you are asked to pay to register, etc.
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