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JCAB Captains - Boeing 767-300ER

Air Japan

JCAB Captains - B767-300ER

Air Japan

Pilot Job Details
Requirements AJX operates a fleet of B-767-300ERs with routes to China, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hawaii. This is a combination of passenger and freight operations with pilots based in Tokyo, Japan.  Air Japan supports commuting pilots through supplemental pay or business class tickets. 


Air Japan (AJX) is slowly growing and the future looks bright.  This is one of the few contract jobs in Asia that offers its First Officers an opportunity to be evaluated for upgrade to Captain.  AJX has been recruiting pilots since 2002.  

Take your career to new heights with Air Japan, introducing the B-787 by March 2018. 

NOTE:  Air Japan (AJX) will emphasize the recruitment of FOs. AJX will rely mainly on their upgrade program to fulfill CAP requirements. However in the event regularly scheduled classes fall short of FO candidates, AJX may fill those empty slots with direct entry JCAB Captains  .

Minimum Requirements
· Total Flight Time in excess of 6,000 hours
· Commercial Jet PIC Time in excess of 3,000 hours
· Valid JCAB ATPL with Command Jet Type Rating 
· Multi Engine Jet Aircraft experience in excess of 50,000kg MTOW
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Air Japan
Narita airport 3B
ANA Sky-Center
Narita Airport
Tokyo, JAPAN
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  • PLEASE RE-READ THIS JOB POSTING – specifically the Experience, Docs, and Citizenship Requirements before you apply.
  • DO NOT APPLY & DO NOT CONTACT this carrier unless you meet all Requirements/Minimums they ask for. No Exceptions.
  • PCC DOES NOT ALLOW employers to ask for money from pilots. Contact us immediately if you are asked to pay to register, etc.
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