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Age 40
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The aviation industry has many great rewards - in my opinion this is the only industry where you can truly watch the world in action. I have always wanted to be involved in this field, and now as an Air Traffic Controller and an avid Multi-IFR and Single Engine Pilot, I am in my happy place.

I obtained my Pilots Licence several years ago and one day went for a tour of an ATC Facility. I found it very interesting, and they mentioned to me that they are always recruiting. After some difficult interviews and tests I was on my way to start training as an Air Traffic Controller in Cornwall, Ontario.

It was very important to me to keep flying airplanes a part of my life. Once I was qualified as a Controller, I continued my flight training to obtain a Commercial, Multi-Engine IFR Rating. With these in hand, I found my way into a part-time flying job as a co-pilot for a small charter operation. This was a great way for me to see the other side of flying.

As an Air Traffic Controller in a High Density Control Tower, providing a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic is my objective. It is highly demanding and gratifying to apply the rules and procedures to make the system work. Vancouver is a great airport to work at as one minute you may be in control of a KLM B747 on final and the next you might be talking to a Cessna 185 Floatplane landing on the south arm, and the next you'll probably have Helijet overhead. It is extremely rare for an international airport the size of Vancouvers to have such a variety in size of operating aircraft - not to mention having a parallel water runway as apart of the aerodrome. Also, as amazing new ATC technology is being introduced, being part of the transition in Vancouver Tower, I get to see the way the aviaton world will be in the future. Flying is still a great part of my life, I keep my IFR Rating current and have met fantastic people and friends through ATC and Flying. I have flown several different types of aircraft and have delivered a couple of twins from the east coast to the west, a great experience. I have been fortunate enough to get some hands on time on a DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, Piper Navajo, Piper Cheyenne, and a King Air 200. I have also had a hand in the simulators incl. the DC10, B737, and Dash 8. When needed, I help out The Right Approach guys by volunteering to sit in the right seat of the B737 Sim when they have a pilot coming through for Sim Practice. No microsoft product on your computer can come close to the feeling you get flying a large airliner in a real simulator.

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