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Dash 8 First Officer

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Pilot Details
Company Air Canada Jazz
Based in Victoria, BC
Age 39
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

I love my job.

I love flying, and I love many other aspects of life. Staying at the regional level was a tough decision for me - especially since most of my ex-Military buddies had decided to go on to Air Canada and make the big bucks. I often wonder if I should have done the same.

On the other hand Im sure enjoying the life style now, so why wonder? Flying for Jazz is a good job, and rather than try to convince you of that, Ill tell you why it was the right decision for me.

Here's the Pros;

- Civilized Flying - Everything from flight plan to fuel, comfort, great aircraft to fly (and safe as hell)

- I'm home EVERY DAY! (and if I wanted to be away, I can choose that to.

- I wanted to be in Victoria, and not commute

- The wage isn't stellar, but it's been enough for me to own a 1 acre property, plus a rental home, and the things I want (within reason)

- No overnight flights,

- No Jet lag.

- Bidding Reserve often results in more time off.

Here's the Cons;

- 18 days a month vs much less at Air Canada

- Wage

As for the Dash-8, I fly both the 100 and the 300 series, and don't really care which I fly on any given leg. The Dash is great to fly - very maneuverable, great IFR/EFIS package, and handles ice like a champ.

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