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Company Royal Aero Club W.A.
Based in Perth, AUS
Age 19
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hello fellow aviators I'm a nineteen yr old student pilot currently in training at Jandakot Airport Perth, Western Australia. Well it all started when I was around six years old my first flight to Denpasar Bali, I still remember to this day I was so excited seeing the DC-10-30 parked at Perth International. Ever since that flight I have wanted to become a professional pilot.

Before actually starting my flying career I did quite a few Introductory Flights through a particular flying school where I knew one of the instructors, she gave me tips and showed me the different ways I could reach my goal. At the present moment I work with my father as a pharmacy assistant but trying desperately to hook a job with one of the airlines doing something like ramp work or catering.

As I conquered the ladder through highschool graduating in 2001 I chose to do a degree in Aviation at one of the Universities available to me. I have just completed my first year and have two years to go, I started my flying training April of 2001 in a Cessna 152 Aerobat. My first major flying milestone was during July where I did my first solo flight, a single left hand circuit rwy 06L on a fine Friday afternoon. At the beginning of November I gained my GFPT (General Flying Progress Test) and haven't done much flying since due to end of the year exams and the beginning of my Christmas holidays. I hope to get back into the flying soon where I will begin on the larger Cessna 172 CSU/RG aircraft and begin my Navigation phase of training.

For other amateur pilots browsing my little story and the rest of the pcc website, never lose sight of the big picture, stay focused and be determined to work hard and one day we may all be flying the big stuff.

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