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Company Paladin Medical Transport
Based in Toronto,ON
Age 30
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Jetsream31 Medevacs

Based out of Toronto City Centre Airport, Paladin Medical Transport is a new company on the Ontario medevac scene. The company provides land and air medical transport services. The flight department operates throughout Ontario, other parts of Canada and into the US. Although we have only been in the air for a little over a year, the company has quickly established itself in this highly competitive industry.

At the present time the Paladin’s air service utilizes two Jetstream 31 aircraft. The roomy interior of these aircraft has made them very popular with paramedics and patients alike. The aircraft can be set up in many configurations to enable us to transport multiple patients, passengers and crew. This can be accomplished while still providing the medical crews with the room they need to give quality care.

As a pilot for Paladin you are scheduled to work 16 to 20 days a month. Most of our flying is booked only hours in advanced, so pilots and medics are effectively on call. As long as you are within a half hour of the airport you can do with your day as you please. The shifts are divided into 12-hour rotations with the first crew being available from 8 am till 8 pm. In addition to medevac service, Paladin’s aircraft are also available for corporate and private charters. The combination of these services keeps the aircraft and pilots fairly busy with crews averaging 40 to 50 hours of flying a month.

The ownership and management team is a big reason for the companies strong start. It is comprised of a group of individuals with a vast amount of experience and success in the aviation, medical and transportation industries. As a result the company conducts its business at a very high standard and treats its employees exceptionally well.

I started with the Paladin a few months after the company started flying. Prior to coming here I was working on a Navajo flying Cargo throughout BC and before that an aerial photography company in the prairies. I couldn’t be happier in my decision to come to Paladin. The operation is very professional and the employees are fantastic.

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