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Company USA3000 Airlines
Based in Chicago, IL
Age 35
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

USA3000 Airlines A320

I am a First Officer on the A320-200 for USA 3000 Airlines. I have been flying the Airbus for three years and I have been employed with USA 3000 for almost one year. After finishing a university degree my work history began flying “Traffic Watch” for a radio station and progressed along to operating cargo flights on a Piper Navajo. From there it was the B200 (Air Ambulance Medivac), B1900D (Commuter), CV580 (fishing charters), B727 (passenger and cargo), and then the A320 with a scheduled airline. After the bankruptcy of the sched airline I was fortunate to land a job at USA 3000 Airlines.

USA 3000 is a relatively new operator in the United States and was funded by and designed for the Apple Vacations Tour company. USA 3000 is operated separately from Apple and has started a limited number of scheduled flights to supplement the holiday charter operations (www.usa3000airlines.com). The airlines structure originates from the operation at Canada 3000 Airlines which flew charter and scheduled service similar to ATA in the US. Although the planned growth of USA 3000 has slowed due to geo-political concerns and a slow US economy, progress is being made with a slower growth schedule for 2003.

A320 Flight Deck

Flying the Airbus has been challenging and a very rewarding experience and still remains one of the more advanced narrow body airliners in the world. Because of an ongoing expansion plan, USA 3000 pilots are trained in the left seat and given a type rating in case an early upgrade is required. It has not been unusual for a pilot to be upgraded in less than three months, but this has now changed and it could be between 12 and 18 months before an upgrade is possible.

USA 3000 is configured to run as a “paperless” airline so that all company, performance, and aircraft manuals are available on CD which are issued to each pilot hired. Each aircraft is equipped with two laptop computers and are a vital part of the day to day flight operations. Communication with dispatch is accomplished electronically using text messaging and through the ACARS system on the aircraft.

A320 USA3000 Airlines

Flight training begins with groundschool in Philidelphia and six weeks of flight training at Airbus or the Pan Am Flight Academy in Miami, Florida.

Most of the communication between the pilots and the company is web based and any additional information is available on the pilot website (www.usa3000pilots.com). The pilots at USA 3000 have a number of jumpseat agreements in the US which involve most of the nations major carriers. USA 3000 is a great company for a pilot that chooses to live at base. I fly between 70 to 85 hours per month in a about 10 days and the remaining days are spent at home on reserve with my family.


Aircraft: 6

Bases: Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Newark

Destinations: Cancun, Cozumel, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Virgin Islands, Naussau, Fort Meyers

Min. Requirements for Pilots:

Find on www.usa3000airlines.com

Salary First Officer 1st year is $45,000.

Training Pay - $2000 per month until complete.

Training Bond - Yes


-A320 type preferred

-Employee recommendation helpful

-Be prepared, be honest.

For additional information see www.pilotcareercentre.com.

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