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B737-700 First Officer

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Pilot Details
Company Saudi Aramco
Based in Dhahran, Saudi
Age 39
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hello there,

I have been flying for Saudi Aramco for the last three years as a First Officer on the Boeing 737/700 NG in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia which is on the East Coast of the country.

I started my flying career on the West Coast of Canada with Burrard Air flying a Piper Navajo Chieftain before heading East and working for Canadian Regional Airlines flying the ATR 42, EMB 120, Dash 8 and Jetstream 31 for ten years.

I then transitioned to Canadian Airlines International flying the Boeing 737/200 then decided to take a long-term leave of absence when the Air Canada –Canadian Airlines merger began.

Saudi Aramco operates under the FAA and I was required to obtain a FAA ATPL, which can easily be done in a couple of weekends and well worth the investment. Saudi Aramco is the largest corporate airline in the world operating Boeing 737s, Dash 8s, Twin Otters, Gulfstream 4s, Hawker 800s and Air Tractors.

Most of the challenging and exciting flying is done in Saudi Arabia operating in and out of company desert airstrips. Occasionally we operate trips worldwide with the Oil Minister and Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco is a multi-national company and flight operations is no exception with Canadians, Australians, Americans, Pakistanis, New Zealanders, French, Palestinians and Saudi Arabians flying here.

I am presently working around 16 days a months with an eleven weeks “on” and two weeks “off” schedule. The company pays a very healthy tax-free salary with two cash tickets per year to our point of origin. All pilots live on the Saudi Aramco compound, which houses about 8000 employees over a hundred square mile area. Living here can be a challenge at times under a Muslim state but it has been a great experience and I have met loads of people and made friendships for life.

I will be leaving Saudi Aramco in the next couple of months and starting with Emirates Airlines after the help of the PilotCareerCentre. If you are looking for quality help then the PilotCareerCentre is your last stop shopping.

Good luck and safe flying!

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