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Company Conestoga College
Based in Kitchener, ON
Age 18
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Training

Every time I sit at the controls, I can't help but think how I got to this point in my life and where I'll be in the future. I am quite young but I've spent half my life into aviation. I still remember my first visit to the flight deck when I was 9 years old. I was travelling to Amsterdam from Toronto onboard a KLM 747-300. WOW, what an aircraft I must say! I remember seeing all the buttons and switches and the three pilot crew and made a promise to myself that I would never stop loving aviation.

I did alot of reading on commercial aircrafts and was pretty much a spec book by the time I was 12. I enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in September of 1997, which by the way was a fantastic experience. I left air cadets 2 years later and began taking private lessons at the Brampton Flight Centre, where I trained on Cessna 172P's and the new 172R's. Besides flying I wanted to build my connections which apart from reputation is very important in this small aviation community. I worked at an aircraft hangar in Toronto for a company called Air 500, which was alot of hard work but very rewarding. I got to know more about the mechanical side of aviation and had the opportunity to work and even sit in several fantastic biz jets such as the 1124 Westwind, Citation X, CL-604 challenger and the MU-2. 

One thing that was the most difficult for me was choosing a Flight college. Education is important especially in the aviation industry. I was accepted into three aviation programs but decided on Conestoga College. I've heard only good things about this college so I decided to give it a shot and I must say, thus far, am very pleased with my decision. The training is quite relaxed and I enjoy it very much. I am currently working on my night rating and will soon upgrade to the 172RG.

I think the reason why I was able to stick with aviation was because I made goals....long term and short term. I can't predict where I will be in a few years but I would very much like to flight instruct on the west coast or perhaps maybe even do some flying in the Caribbean for a few years. I look forward to doing some corporate flying, hopefully on the Citation X or CL604 Challenger(both are great aircrafts). My ultimate goal would definitely have to be flying the Boeing 777 for Emirates. This website has really helped me make decisions and I was really attracted to Emirates by the city of Dubai, and by the airlines’ fleet. Of course if I do not get the opportunity I guess I wouldn't mind flying for a major airline in the middle east or asia. I guess for anyone who is beginning I would say don't give up! Keep your wings level and your nose up. I really recommend starting as young as you possibly can. The industry is slowly recovering so now is the best time to do your training and there isn't anything else I'd rather do than fly.

Happy Landings!

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