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Swedish Airbus 340-500 F/O

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Company Emirates
Based in Dubai
Age 37
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hi all!

I am 37 years old and work for Emirates since the spring of 2002, presently as First Officer on the A330-200 and our brand new A340-500. I am married and have young children, which makes Dubai an ideal place to live.

My career in flying started back in 1988, when I was accepted into the AB Initio program at Swedish domestic carrier Linjeflyg. After initial training leading up to a CPL, with a 250 hour grand total, it was straight into the right seat of a Fokker F28 jet seating 85 passengers. We worked scheduled flights on a 5 on, 4 off roster pattern. It was a great way to start my flying career and gather experience, with lots of flying in various WX conditions and plenty of manual flying, as the F28 was without auto thrust and had a very basic autopilot.

In 1993 the company merged with Scandinavian Airlines, and I transferred to Relief Pilot, flying long-haul, on the B767. An equally exciting few years followed, with destinations in North America and Asia. I then moved to the MD-80 for a couple of years in the mid 1990s, flying SASs European network. In 1998 I transferred back to the long-haul fleet as First Officer on the B767 again, and later on the A340.

Aviation has provided me with a very good lifestyle ever since day one. However I have always liked to explore new horizons. So when I applied and got offered a job with Emirates in the spring of 2002 the whole family decided that this was a chance to good to pass on.

The company is expanding with amazing pace, and the future looks exciting to say the least. By the year 2010 it is estimated that the company will have well over 100 aircraft and employ over 2000 pilots. That is more than double the present size of the company. Time to command, at present, is about 3 years.

The A340-500 is an amazing piece of machinery, and has been brought to Emirates as we are now moving into ultra-long-haul flying. In the coming years Emirates will operate non-stop flights from Dubai to Sydney, New York and San Francisco just to name a few. We can uplift more than 140,000 kgs of fuel, and fly non-stop in excess of 17 hours. The aircraft has a revolutionary new design to its First Class cabin (can be viewed on the Emirates website), very comfortable crew bunks down low in the aft of the aircraft and the handling at a mighty 372.000 kgs MTOW is just awesome.

Dubai is a melting pot, with people coming here to work or relax from all corners of the world. The restaurant scene here is second to none, beautiful beaches, excellent school facilities covering any preference in Curriculum and much more all makes Dubai an exciting place. I can only encourage anyone who is seeking a life in aviation to have a good look at Emirates and Dubai.

May the number of greaser landings in the future be numerous!

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