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Company Pace Airlines/Hooters Air
Based in Myrtle Beach, SC
Age 43
Gender Female
Pilot's Blog

Pace is a Part 121 supplemental company based in Winston-Salem, NC. They fly as Vacation Express, SportsJet, Hooters Air, and also as Pace Airlines flying charter flights.

Hooters Girls and Pilots on inaugural flight to Gary, Indiana

I was hired in March, 2004. The interview was indicative of the company: very friendly and not stressful at all. I was called the following week to begin class in 2 weeks. My class of seven started training in Winston-Salem, NC. We completed our 737-300 sim training in Orlando, and differences training in the -200 in Miami.

My base is Myrtle Beach, SC flying for Hooters Air. Each flight crew consists of 2 pilots, 3 flight attendants and 2 Hooters Girls, who help the flight attendants with their beverage service and conduct trivia contests for Hooters merchandise.

Good Friends in the B737-200 FlightDeck

The schedules are good, and living in Myrtle Beach is wonderful. Many people ask me how it is as a woman flying for Hooters Air. I enjoy all of the flights, and the girls are all very outgoing and fun. You have to have a sense of humour to stay in this business, and this has been a funny chapter in my life (which I'm calling "Life with Hooters"). The flying has been great. We fly from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta,GA, Gary, IN, Columbus, OH, and Nassau in the Bahamas.

We are able to bid bases, which would determine which contracts we fly. If I bid out of Myrtle Beach, I could be flying for SportsJet or for Vacation Express or doing charter flights.

Because it's not a straight Part 121 carrier, it's not for everyone. Due to the nature of supplemental flights, the schedule can change at a moment's notice. Vacation Express and Hooters Air operate on a regular basis, so they are more scheduled than flying sports teams or charter.

Good luck in your flying career!

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