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Mustering Pilot - C172

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Pilot Details
Company Australian Pastoral Company
Based in Mount Isa, AUS
Age 20
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hi there!

Flying has been my dream since the age of 12, when my father and I used to build model aircraft together. Now I keep having to pinch myself when I fly, and don't have to pay for it!

I started a full time commercial pilot license course in May 2002, and never looked back. Every flight was a thrill, and I enjoyed the challenges that each flight brought. In September 2003 I finished my commercial pilots license with a NVFR (Night Visual) Rating, and entered the ever terrifying position of searching for the first job. Despite many negative comments like - 'You'll need to get an Instructor Rating' or 'You don't have enough hours' I pressed on with my research. Multiple telephone calls, personal meetings with pilots from many different companies, and much advice sought from people in all areas of aviation. One day, i was perusing the Employment section of the Newspaper, and Wham!, there it was. An ad in the newspaper for a stationhand/mustering pilot postion. A simple telephone call, and a resume sent, and they gave me the job - without me even holding a mustering endorsement. I did 20 or so hours flying people around and Aerial Spotting for the company, did my 15 hours training for a Low-Level/Mustering endorsement, and the hours really opened up.

Mustering is both rewarding and challenging. It really makes you get a 'feel' for what flying is all about. In a nine hour mustering day, you fly the plane for nine hours, no setting the trim and occationally adjusting your heading. This trains you to fly, unlike any other flying position i can think of, right when the training is needed the most - early on. I have worked on several stations around Queensland, and this has let me enjoy the thrills of travel, and meeting very interesting people.

I have no idea what the future holds for me, but the present holds challenges, and rewards that are different every day. I look forward to progressing to bigger and more technical aircraft. There is no shortage of pilot jobs for new pilots in Australia, if he/she is willing to move to the job, and adapt to a new lifestyle. After all, adventure has got to be a large attraction in the world of aviation.

Good luck in your flying career!

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