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PA46T Malibu Pilot

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Company Small US Corp.
Based in Bellingham, WA
Age 31
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Piper MalibuHello, I am currently a PIC with a small manufacturing company based in the

NW corner of the US. We operate a turbine-converted Malibu called a JetProp.

I primarily travel with the owner of the company, visiting his major

customers located all around the United States.

We usually leave our base early on Monday morning, and visit 7 - 15 cities

before returning home on Friday evening each week. We are supposed to

travel two weeks a month, but since we bought the plane, the only month we

have not traveled three or four weeks was December, over Christmas.

A benefit of the job is that we fly regularly into all areas of the U.S.,

from the very high density of the Atlantic NE and the LA Basin in

California to the wide-open airspace of the northern midwest and south. We

fly into lots of different airports, with over 100 different airports in

just the last six months! We have to deal with lots of fog, gusty winds,

thundershowers, snowstorms and the occasional good weather day.

Piper Malibu Cockpit

A downside is the incessant travel schedule, which does not make the wife

very happy. (Note to new pilots - build your career before you get


Prior to working for this company, I attended civilian flight school in my

home town, became a flight instructor as a second career, and then found my

flight school liquidated after 9/11. I started with the company I worked

for by training the owner in his then brand-new Diamond DA-40. After a

year of that, I was in the right place when he purchased the Jet-Prop.

Turbine transition was a real kick, and even though 27,000 feet is not that

high for the jet pilots, as a piston aircraft pilot, I found the 2,500 fpm

climb rate and flight level operations a great change.

Piper Malibu

I have had a couple of emergencies, a vacuum failure in night icing IMC

climbing out of RNO, and a smoke-in-the-cockpit incident that ended with an

approach to DEN with 100 ft ceilings, freezing fog and RVR of 2000 ft. I

never appreciated the high-intensity lead-in lights as much as I did that


I hope to eventually end up with WestJet in CA or with a corporate operator

in the BC/northwest US area.

Good Luck in Your Career!

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