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Dash 8 Training Capt

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Company Qantaslink
Based in Sydney, AUS
Age 40
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

I would like to give interested pilots a little bit of an insight into flying for Qantaslink.

We currently have a fleet of 8 Q300 3 200 and 10 100 series aircraft. Our network stretches from Coffs Harbour in the north to Devonport in the south. We have regular flights to Lord Howe Island which is located 434nm northeast of Sydney and winter flights to Mount Hotham in the Victorian ski fields.

I have been with Qantaslink for 5 years and now hold the position of Training Captain. For the last 18 months I have been really busy training new F/Os as the company continues to expand.

The average monthly roster will see you fly about 75 hours. At the moment I am averaging 1 overnight per week.

There are many aspects to this job that I love. Firstly the aeroplane itself. The Dash 8 is a fantastic bit of gear. Very flexible, very forgiving. It has all the automation you want but it's still a great machine to hand fly.The older 100's are slowly going to be replaced with Q300 and also Q400. We use the 200's to Lord Howe Island and Mount Hotham where their extra performance is very useful.

The lifestyle at Qantaslink is great. Great flying with an averge of 9 days off a month plus reserve days. We also have an interesting route network that will see you operate into Sydney or Melbourne on one sector then go somewhere out in the bush or to Lord Howe Island. The island is especially interesting as the runway is 860m long and surrounded by high terrain with strong winds on most days. It certainly makes you concentrate.

Finally, it's the people that make this a fantastic job. Everyone is willing to help. The training is first class.

If you would like to work for a regional airline in Australia I don't think you could go past Qantaslink.

All the best

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