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Company Massey University
Based in Auckland, NZ
Age 17
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hey fellow pilots how’s it going? I’m a 17 year old student living in Auckland New Zealand. I have always loved flying, from flying on trips frequently with my mother; I just loved the idea of aviation. One day I was asked what I was going to be and I was unsure. After so much thinking it just hit me that aviation was what I liked and that I wanted to be a pilot (I think to much space fighter simulation games help encouraged that) so I started this year in may 2005 and began flying at Ardmore aerodrome in south Auckland (notoriously the most busy aerodrome in new Zealand they say).

To begin with I was a bit nervous but found it great, I actually felt at ease and in peace up their with the little birdies. Although later the traffic in circuits can piss you off. The greatest moment for me was flying solo, a circuit on an early Saturday morning with great weather UNEXPECTEDLY which made it more of an accomplishment that I got the plane onto the ground in 1 piece.

Now I have 45 hours and coming towards getting my private pilots license, I’m joining university to do a degree in aviation next year at Massey University in Palmerston north. I hope that will help in building a career as a pilot later. If any1 can give me tips on how to gain experience for pilots fresh out of university with a CPL and Instrument Rating - that would be a appreciated (starwars@ihug.co.nz) because I’m a little scared of what the future holds.

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