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PA31 Piper Navajo Pilot

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Company Part Time
Based in New York
Age 44
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

My first flight was when I was 15 I had performed odd jobs to make some money to take a lesson. The only airport that I knew of was 24 miles from me so, I got up around 6am road a bike to the airport and waited most of the day to wait for an instructor to take me up.

It was the best ride I ever had I will never forget it. The instructor let me take off... we then did some turns and just flew around it was great. Now I had to peddle another 20 plus miles back that I did not look forward to but I had the biggest grin all the way home. Oh the total peddle time was around 4 hours and close to 50 miles.

Then my Mom found out about it and well no more bike trips she had no problem with the flying part but she did not like the riding the bike to take lessons part.

Well, since then I did get my private, commercial/instrument, instructor I flew all over the place building time and started to instruct in 1999. I flew my trip down to NY to see the city both by day and night which was just incredible to see. I flew in Brazil - a little supercub look alike that was a lot of fun, seaplanes in Maine this rating is a lot of fun very different landing on water.

Now with almost 1000 hours of time in my logbook I fly a Piper NavaJo part time charter out of NY while I look for a full time flying job in a warmer climate.

So anyone who has that desire to fly and yet to take their first lesson just make the time and do it. For me I still send out resumes and hope someone will e-mail back with an offer till then, I fly for fun.

Great web site.

Have fun!

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