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AC Jazz CRJ705 First Officer

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Pilot Details
Company Air Canada Jazz
Based in Toronto, Canada
Age 33
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hi there! I have been employed by Air Canada Jazz for the last six years and I'm currently a First Officer on the RJ. At Jazz we fly both the RJ200 and the RJ705 so let's talk about the 705!

The RJ705 is a fantastic airplane. It's really a RJ900 that is configured for only seventy five seats. At Jazz we have ten business class seats and sixty five in economy class. In this configuration the leg room is really generous. The cabin floor was also dropped and this has substantially improved the space available. The passengers love it!

From a performance standpoint, the RJ705 is a dream to fly! With the leading edge slats we can expect as much as 15 kt reduction in our V1 speeds over the RJ200. From liftoff to FL400 it takes approximately 20 minutes and

that's during the summer! I can't wait for the cold weather performance!

We climb out at 320 kts indicated and transition to .77 mach. Coming from

the Dash 8 and the BAe 146 this machine is a real treat!

From a system/operational standpoint the RJ705 has many improvements. The increased level of automation on this aircraft significantly reduces the pilots workload which makes for a very "civilized" work environment. You really notice it moving from the 705 to the 200!

The schedule on the RJ is also great. Depending on seniority and the productivity of the block one holds, you can expect to have fifteen to twenty days off per month.

I love my job and really enjoy flying the RJ705! The fantastic performance and the high level of system automation makes the RJ705 a real favorite among the pilot group. It's a great airplane!

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