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Air Canada EMB175 FO

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Pilot Details
Company Air Canada
Based in Toronto
Age 36
Gender Female
Pilot's Blog

I am currently employed at Air Canada on the Embraer EMB175 and EMB190.

I started in aviation in 1997 obtaining my private, multi-ifr, commercial and instuctor ratings at a flying club. Prior to that I had a university degree in an unrelated field.

I instructed for a few months then found my first job in northern Alberta flying a Cessna 206.

By the time I was hired at Air Canada in 2005 I had over 6500 hours the majority of which was PIC with glass and jet time. Being a female in aviation definately has some advantages and disadvantages and I like to think that things even out in the end. Along the way I have had some great jobs and some not so good, flying everything from Beech 99s, King Air, Beech 1900s to Boeing 737s.

I think the most important thing I have done is tried to get along with everyone in addition to maintaining a professional attitude.

I have utilized the interview prep course at the Pilot Career Centre 3 times in my career and whenever a friend asks for advice for an upcoming interview I recommend it 100%. The course helped me highlight the strengths that I can bring to an employer and gave me the extra confidence that I needed. Thanks again!

Good luck to you in your career!

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