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Thomascook B757 F/O

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Company Thomascook Airlines
Based in Manchester, UK
Age 36
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hello there from across the globe! I have worked for Thomas Cook for 5 years flying both the Boeing 757-200 and B757-300. The job involves flying to holiday destinations in Europe, North Africa, and also Canada.

Flying the B757-200/300 is fantastic; both have plenty of performance and are a pleasure to hand fly (especially the -300). We operate from some shorter fields and with the 757-200 (with Trent E4 engines) we never run into any performance issues. Straight to altitude everytime with an excellent climb out. These are extremely over-powered birds.

Thomascook has pilot bases in Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, East Midlands, and London Gatwick. I am fortunate to be based in my home town Manchester. The busiest time of year for us is generally May through October; when we fly around 90 Hours per month. During this period we fly mainly to cities in Turkey, Greece, Spain, and the Canary Islands. The Company also operates to Canada on behalf of 'Canadian Affair' Tour Group. In Canada we fly to Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, and Ottawa - always on the B757-200. During the winter season we fly about 55 hours per month, to mainly the Canary Islands and Banjul in Gambia (Africa).

The Company also operates four A320 and two A330 aircraft. The time to command here is fairly slow and new joiners can expect about 7 to 10 years prior to their Captain upgrade.

When recruiting, Thomascook likes to take a mix of pilots with wide ranging experience from as little as 300 hours upwards. Our Work rosters are often unstable during the busy summer months; with numerous changes throughout the busy working month. Some duties are preceeded with transport to another airport before operating your own flights.

Pay and conditions are average. The management is good and approachable and the guys on the line are great to fly with.

On the whole I get to live and work out of my hometown and am pretty happy at Thomascook. If this is the type of operation you are interested in, you can do a lot worse.

Good luck to you in your flying career!

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