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Embraer 170 Captain

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Pilot Details
Company Hong Kong Express
Based in Hong Kong
Age 35
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

In May 2005 Hong Kong Express (HKE) received approval to operate scheduled air services to five cities in Mainland China including Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing and Ningbo.

July 2005 saw HKE take delivery of its first of four EMBRAER 170 aircraft that was used to launch its first scheduled service in September. Followed swiftly in October by the addition of a second EMBRAER 170 aircraft and the subsequent launch of flights between Hong Kong and Hangzhou, the year was rounded out with the arrival in December of the third aircraft and the introduction of services to Ningbo.

2006 has seen HKE Continuing its focus on opening up routes to key cities in Mainland China, HKE launched its Nanjing services in March and commenced services between Hong Kong and Chongqing in August and also took delivery of its fourth EMBRAER 170 aircraft.

The ERJ 170 is part of the Embraer E-Jets line and is composed of two main commercial families, and a business jet variant. The E-170 and

E-175 make up the base model aircraft, with the E-190 and E-195 being stretched versions with up-rated engines and strengthened wing and landing gear structures. The 170 and 175 share 95% commonality, as do the 190 and 195. The two families share near 89% commonality, with identical fuselage cross sections and avionics, featuring the Honeywell Primus Epic EFIS suite.

I started with Hong Kong express in late 2005 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I work with a great team of people most of whom are expatriate however all pilots are hired on local terms. This means you wont get a housing allowance, which as a single person wont pose any major problems. However if you have a family it could be very tough financially. I live in a tiny one bedroom down town and pay just over us$1100. If you need something bigger a 3 bedroom could cost you us$2500 per month.

It is a great place for a pilot with some turboprop time looking to add some jet time. Upgrades to Captain come fiarly quickly as well.

Hong Kong is a great city to live and has something for everyone. From its hundreds of bars and restaurants (literally the city that never

sleeps) to mountain biking in the jungle just minutes from down town everyone will find something to keep themselves occupied when they are not working.

Anyone interested in HKE can check out the information posted here in the PCC Air Carriers Section and also go to the following link.


Good luck with your career!

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