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Hawker 400 Captain

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Pilot Details
Company NetJets Europe
Based in Munich, Germany
Age 37
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hello there fellow aviators!

I have been working and flying for Netjets Europe for almost 1 year now and I really enjoy working for such a dynamic company. I am currently flying the Hawker 400 Corporate Jet as a Captain (after almost 8 years flying the Beech 400A Jet out of Germany to everywhere in Europe).

Our flying at NetJets covers all of Europe - which is an incredible amount of variety, including nice airports and challenging major airports such as London Heathrow, Athens, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Madrid, Roma. We also fly to much smaller fields like Samedan (the highest in Europe), Hyères, Calvi, Oxford, Sienna, London City, Bergerac, etc. In the summer time we fly a lot to the really nice destinations like Ibiza, Palma, Lisbon, Olbia or Sion, and in the winter to great skiing destinations like Innsbruck and Chambéry.

NetJets Europe currently flies 108 corporate aircraft and will expand further over the next few years. We fly to over 600 destinations worldwide, having now reached almost 1000 fractional owners or time owners of our aircraft.

NetJets Europe is a great place to work; it is never boring, there is always a lot of work to be done and things to be organized, especially on the ground.

Our pilots are allowed to live anywhere in Europe through the NetJets Europe unique 'Gateway' base plan. You are allowed to live more or less where you want, provided it is near a big airport which has a good network (in order to easily commute on our first day of work to meet an aircraft as well come back home on our last day). The company covers the cost of commuting on day one and also the last day of your pairing on your way home.

Interestingly. a lot of our British pilots live in the UK in summer for the good weather, and then switch to Geneva for the winter to be able take advantage of the great living and skiing in the Alps.

The company seems very flexible here so you can choose to live one month in Barcelona and then the next in Paris for example - no problem. No other airline or charter company allows you to do that!

We are rostered for 18 days of work per month which is usually split into 6 days ON followed by 4 days (minimum) OFF, sometimes 5 days OFF, which is great for lifestyle and your social/private life.

We receive a tentative plan for our next month's flying (days on and off) a month in advance. What is exciting is we really have no idea where we will be flying on our 6 day patterns (unlike Airline rostering). With this kind of executive charter operation, the schedule changes every day, if not every few hours. Therefore it is impossible to predict the flights coming up and you have to be very flexible. For this reason it tends to be a bit more work than in a normal airline.

The nicest part of the job is that it is always challenging, and not knowing where you will be tomorrow can be exciting in a wierd way as well.

The Hawker 400 is a nice little aircraft,cruising at FL390 mach .78 with 7 passengers seats and we fly all kind of people.

The job is also exciting from a different perspective .....since we are always in close contact with our passengers who seem to be a combination of NetJets Time Owners/VIPs/Executives/Celebrities. These high-profile people are seated only a few feet behind us from their arrival at the aircraft until we transfer them to their final destination, when they often walk into a limo, private helicopter, or even into a large yacht!

Netjets is in a large expansion phase and we are constantly hiring new pilots to crew our new aircraft arrivals etc. Our Flight Operations Department, Training Centre, and Head Office are located in Lisbon, Portugal, with our main Sales Office in London. Like I mentioned above, bases are all over Europe at any major centre.

I highly recommend working for NetJets Europe. It is a nice place to fly/work for those who enjoy change, nice destinations, challenging flying, and an ever changing, dynamic operation. After your initial training, you tend to be left alone and will most likely never see the Head Office again until your Recurrent Training is due. Despite being left alone to do your flying, we always remain in close touch with operations through our handy tool - the BlackBerry.

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