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GOL B737NG Captain

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Company GOL Airlines
Based in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Age 39
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hi there. I am a Captain/line instructor of Boeing 737-800 with GOL Airlines my base is São Paulo-Brazil. I have 12000 hrs of flight.

Here is my life:

I started my career at VASP Airlines in january of 1996 on Boeing 737-200 with 2300 hours most of it PIC (Pilot-In-Command). I did a lot of flights in smaal aircrafts prior to joining VASP.

I obtained my command on Boeing 737-200 in November 2001 with less than 6000 hours in the book.

In January 2005 I re-started my career at GOL Airlines, direct captain program on 737NG. After a 5 weeks of ground school and 48 hours of full flight simulator I started my on rote tranning.

The Boeing 737NG is a fantastic aircraft. The cockpit layout and 6 large EFIS screens on the B737NGs are an excellent development. The Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) and Navigation Displays (NDs) are excellent.

Being that our airline is only 6 years old, we have a lot of enthusiastic, young, and professional people to fly with. For me, it has been a great place to get modern 'glass' jet experience over 65 tons.

GOL is a low-fare airline in a very competitive market, we all work hard at GOL. A regular month roster has anywhere from 75 - 85 hours flying; with 8 days off a month. It is great for the log book but often tiring. A typical day is 4 or 5 sectors of 1hr legs, we fly to more than 60 cities in Brazil and some of our flights are longer...more like 5 hours, we fly from São Paulo to majors coutries in Central and South America

GOL now operates a mixed fleet of (60) Boeing 737NG and (13) Boeing 737-300. The company continues to take delivery of brand new aircraft at an alarming rate (up to 2 per month at one point), in 2012 all GOL fleet will be a Boeing 737-800.

The salary here is great, Captain around Real$ 17.000 (9.500 US dollars) per month and Captain/line instructor Real$ 23.000 (12.700 US dollars).

If you looking for a competitive company, and a fast upgrade to a left side the GOL is a target.

Good luck for all.

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