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LearJet 35 First Officer

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Company Aero Air - Oregon
Based in KPDX - Portland OR
Age 37
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Aero Air is the most exciting job I have ever had.

Aero Air is a professional company that has many branches - from corporate aviation to specializing in Medivac Air Ambulance flying.

Most of the flying I do is based around Air Ambulance services on the LearJet. It is not a job that will be a perfect fit for everyone. Every day seems to be completely different to the previous, and the job swings like a pendulum from one extreme to another. There can be days upon days of twiddling thumbs ‘On Call’ and other days when you never seem to stop.

A typical Duty Day is a 12 hour shift running from Seattle, Juneau, Portland, and Anchorage mainly covering SE Alaska but with occasionally scheduled flights to anywhere in the USA, CANADA, RUSSIA and even Europe in Learjet 31/35's.

The missions encounter some fantastic personalities, challenging flying in near impossible weather conditions with sometimes very little opportunities to plan. We all obviously do our Type Rating Training in modern simulators that mimic emergency situations and diversions.

The rewards of flying Air Ambulance can be wonderful; there is no better feeling than knowing you contributed to saving someone’s life, however there can also be a dark side when things don't quite turn out the way you wish despite 100% effort and haste by all involved. The demanding missions require everything you can give and more, each and every time.

My flying confidence has increased tenfold after flying the Learjet for Aero Air. It is an aircraft which accelerates and climbs phenomenally well with cruise altitudes over 50,000 ft with 6000 fpm climb rates all the way to FL400 on a cold day. With max speeds of .83 MN and ranges in excess of 4 hours (depending on the specific LR model).

All in all this is a job that can be exciting, frustrating, and even chaotic, but one thing it will never be is 'boring' !

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