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Cessna 310 Charter Pilot

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Pilot Details
Company NexJet Aviation
Based in Southern Ontario
Age 24
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

Hello. I’m 24 year’s old and in the process of being trained as a Charter Pilot on a Cessna 310 for NexJet Aviation.

I received my Commercial License in the early summer of 1999 from an Aviation College. Our program had an option of doing a 50 hour Float Course instead of a Multi IFR and that was the path I choose. I did the Float Training at 30,000 Island Air in Parry Sound and thought it was fantastic.

I received a position on the C-180 that summer with 30,000 Island Air and managed to get a couple hundred hours before the season finished. The following summer I was in beautiful Northern Ontario at a Resort called Auld Reekie Lodge. I was flying a C-185 to outpost camps and got to learn some valuable flying skills from the guys I worked with. The fishing season ended late August and I managed to pick up a short-term contract in Newfoundland for the Moose hunt. This was where I got to learn how different the weather is on the East Coast and how quickly it can change. In the Fall all the Tropical storms work their way up the Eastern Seaboard and usually hit Newfoundland. Some great and also some scary flying out there but definitely the best people I’ve met so far. After that it was back to wheel flying in Southern Ontario on a C-206 doing Air Tours over the Niagara Falls. Now I’m in the process of doing my C-310 PPC for NexJet to start building some Multi Engine time.

The most fun flying I’ve done so far would definitely be flying floats. This was also the most physically demanding work I’ve done so be prepared. I feel people starting out should consider flying floats for the experience and also to see the beautiful places that our country has to offer. Whatever the route persistence and hard work will always pay off.

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