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PC-12 First Officer

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Company Montair Aviation
Based in Boundary Bay,BC
Age 27
Gender Female
Pilot's Blog

Since my early teens I knew that I wanted to become an airline pilot. I learned through some research that the major airlines sometimes require a degree besides flight training. After I completed high school in Belgium, I stared 4 years of hard work by simultaneously going to university and to flight training school (in Vancouver, BC) to realize my dream.

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure! But the hard work and my patience paid off in the end. Just freshly graduated with a BA in Psychology at the University of British Columbia and my Commercial Multi-IFR Licence at Montair, I started an internship as a First Officer on the Pilatus PC-12 at Montair. This internship led to my current full-time job and I am just loving it. I have reached about 800 hours TT and I am becoming more and more comfortable with the aircraft. Besides flying I am also working as a part of the Montair team, working on some interesting projects.

I have now reached my goal of becoming a pilot and know that this is just the beginning of a fun filled career that will be taking me all over the world. My final goal is to fly left seat on the B747, but in the mean time I want to experience an array of aircraft to build experience and lots of great memories!

Montair is a small company that provided pilot training and charter services. We have a Pilatus PC-12 that we use for a scheduled run to Masset, BC (Queen Charlotte Islands) 5 times a week (starting Nov 12th 2001). We also use the PC-12 along with our turbo-charged Seneca II for charters. Since Montair is a small company I get to learn more about the company by occasionally working in the office. The experience is great and I am enjoying the Montair family environment.

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