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Company Springbank Flight Training
Based in Springbank
Age 24
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

What an interesting ride!! Hello everyone, this is a business where we all strive for excellence in the beginning from training as a Commercial Pilot, getting a Multi-IFR Rating, Instructor Rating and eventually reaching the goal of becoming an Airline Pilot. Ever since I was a old enough to be talking, I have always had a special passion for flying. I still remember to this day going to the Vancouver International Airport when I was a little boy gazing over the fences and staring in awe at the airplanes come in one after another, it used to be my favorite activity, I said "I am going to do that someday" and sure enough, I am on my way to reaching that goal.

I began flying in 1998 up in Edmonton where I had started my training completing my Private and Commercial by the summer of 1999. At this time I was also attending the Aviation College Program while working on my licenses. I really enjoyed the training and studied really hard, what an opportunity to have the privilege to do what your passion is. After completing my Commercial, I had started the Multi-IFR course and then the most interesting situation came about so very unexpectedly! I was hanging around the flight school when a man came in asking for someone to come to his operation up North and work for him. Guess what, it was me!! I only had a little over 200 hrs, barely started IFR training and now I was going on the adventure of a lifetime. Off to the town of Inuvik!! It was the most awe inspiring trip I have done, it had taken me 48 hrs to drive up there in only 3 days, I made it just before the ice roads had closed. I was up there for over 6 months where I learned so much in the way of an air taxi operation, dispatching, ramp work and how to deal with different flying scenarios in the North. I also accompanied the Chief Pilot on Charter flights where I got the chance to see more of the Northern terrain. As time moved on, there were no flying positions available so I decided to move back down South and complete my Instructor Rating. All in all, it was the greatest experience of my life and I am going to go back up to the North and fly again. 

When I came back, I had immediately went and finished my Instructor Rating to pursue my love of teaching and only two weeks after completing it, I had been offered a job up in Calgary! I love teaching, so this was an excellent opportunity to exercise my teaching skills into other pilots, I loved it! 

The people I worked with were great and I certainly learned alot teaching the ground schools and I especially benefitted from teaching others how to fly. I was also able to bring in some knowledge about the North to my students and what they should expect if they decide to go up there. I had a busy summer last year with flying and as the summer came to a close there was not enough work to support all the instructors, so ended up leaving, had to go make some money elsewhere. For the past while I have been continually looking for work both in the flight training and Charter world. If there is any advice I can give to anyone starting out, be very persistent with your job hunt, I have been doing it for a little while now and have made some excellent contacts. Always be positive and never forget your ultimate goal, keep it in your vision at all times, hard work will pay off in the long run!! Good Luck


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