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Dash 8 Captain

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Company Air Norstrum / air BC
Based in Valencia, Spain
Age 35
Gender Male
Pilot's Blog

I have been working at Air BC from 1996 to the end of 2000. I have a total of 6700 hours, with 6500 Multi, 4000 turbine, and 3000 PIC. Most of this experience was flying in Western Canada, for a charter airline and then at Air B.C. I have been flying the Dash-8 for 6 years, and I have also flown Navajo’s and MU-2’s as well.

I had a chance to take a contract to work in Spain, starting last January. The contract involved getting a Dutch JAA validation, and proficiency check with a company in Eindhoven called Denim Air. They are contracted to fly for Air Nostrum, we were helping introduce the Dash 8 into there fleet, and this is the connection to Spain. After all the flight tests and medicals, we arrived in Valencia late January.

There was a total of 10 new Dash 8’s brought into the fleet, and Line Indoc. has been going on all year. They were replacing Fokker 50’s, so it was not a drastic change. The new Dash 8’s are loaded with some great gadgets, dual FMS, GPS, EGPWS, and every other warning horn and buzzer they could fit in the console. In the cabin 52 reclining leather seats for the passengers, with some of the best regional service I have seen. The Cabin Attendants have a galley that fits in the space of two seats, and the return flight's catering is kept in the aft cargo.

Air Nostrum has its main base in Valencia, and the Dash 8 flights are mostly domestic throughout Spain. I have flown as far south as Casablanca, and to the North as far as Geneva, and to the West as far a Torino, Italy. We have been able to overnight in some great cities as well, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Barcelona, and even in Nice. This has allowed us to really enjoy the culture, and nightlife of the country. If there is one thing the Spanish are good at, it’s the fiestas!

I have really enjoyed my time here in Spain. I have been able to make some great friends, and see some of the best parts of the country.

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