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Company Air Cadets - Canada
Based in Victoria
Age 16
Gender Female
Pilot's Blog

Hi, I am a sixteen year old grade eleven student. I have wanted to be a pilot since I was four years old. When I was twelve, I joined Air Cadets beacause I heard that if I stayed with the program and worked hard I could earn my Private Pilots Licence. In my past five years in cadets I have learned a lot about leadership, team work and aviation. I highly recommend it to any young person with aspirations to be a pilot.

I have so far taken five ground schools and last year I earned a scholarship to get my Glider Pilots Licence. I spent six weeks of my summer in Comox learning to fly the Scweitzer 233-A. It was the best experience of my life! There were about fourty cadets taking the course. Each morning we woke up at quarter to six to go to the airfield. I got one or two fifteen minute flights with an instructor every day. After lunch we had three classes of ground school and at night I spent my time relaxing or studying with my friends. I finished the course with about 10 Dual and just under 4 hours PIC .

In the fall and spring, I have the opportunity to help out with the Air Cadet gliding program. I teach the younger cadets how to handle gliders and how to act on an airfield. After the cadets have gone home, I get one or two solo flights to build up my hours. Once I have ten hours of PIC I will be allowed to bring the new cadets on familiarization flights.

This year I took ground school again. I just finished applying for another scholarship to get my Private Pilots Licence. If I receive it I will spend seven weeks in Comox this summer training on a Cessna 152 or a Cessna 172.

When I graduate from high school I am hoping to go to one of the aviation colleges in western Canada . When I graduate from college I intend to enjoy a career as a pilot.

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