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International Students

Europe is an excellent place to take your Pilot Training, learn how to fly, and start your aviation career! Years of aviation history and tradition have helped define one of the worlds most repected Pilot Licences - the European JAA ATPL.

Europe has a large and dynamic aviation industry. From the recent success of all of the european low-fare companies like Ryanair, easyJet, MyTravellite, bmibaby, etc who fly people all around Europe at affordable prices, to the huge established major airlines like British Airways and Lufthansa who for years have made travel around the world possible. Also each time the sun sets in Europe, all of the cargo operators get ready to start their busy night - with many aircraft criss-crossing each other deliverying mail and valuable cargo throughout the new economic region known as the EU.

Why Train in the UK & Europe?

Training Schools – The UK & Europe have excellent Pilot Training Schools and Facilities. Click on the following to research the Flight Schools: Training Schools in Europe

JAA Pilot Licences - respected and validated around the world as ICAO Pilot Licences. There are many pilots flying professionally for airlines, military, UN Relief, Helicopter Contracts etc that have come to Europe from abroad to study hard and acquire the JAA ATPL Licence for their Job Search. For example.......UN Relief in Africa, Cathay Pacific Airways of Hong Kong, Emirates airline of Dubai, Singapore Airlines, Japan Air Systems, all highly respect and employ professional pilots with JAA ATPL Qualifications.

Weather in Europe – the diverse weather here allows for many good visibility days to get your initial Pilot Licences completed under daylight, visual conditions. Later on in your training, while undergoing the more advanced Instrument Flight Training, the Eurpean region can have many cloudy, poor visibility days enabling you to get real-time, practical IFR Instrument Flying Experience during your training, including flights in rain, fog, cloud, and sometimes snow showers and icing conditions.

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Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance
Swiss Airbus A220 awaiting Take Off Clearance