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The Right School

Timeline vs Post Secondary Education vs Costs vs Reputation of School vs Success of School's Past Students, etc. It seems every future-pilot has a different predicament so we will address some of them below:

Many people who choose aviation as their second career do not feel they have the time to go through a 2 Year Full Time Study. Often already equipped with Post Secondary Education and life experience, these types of wanna-be pilots want to get all of their licences in hand in the least possible time. Please note here that if this is you, and if you have money set aside for your complete Flight Training, it is a good idea to go into a Flight School and try to get a cheaper 'block rate' for your aircraft rental by guaranteeing many hours or perhaps through pre-paying for a large block of hours. This can save you a lot of money over your training.

Younger people graduating from their A Levels, who have caught the 'Flying Bug' often want to 'kill two birds with one stone' by enrolling in a 2 Year Full Time Aviation Program. Here you can get all of your flying licences up to the Frozen ATPL, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, and Flight Instructor Licence, in addition to a 2 Year Post Secondary Diploma. These programs by nature can be more expensive as you receive Flight Training and College Studies simultaneously. But at the same time they often provide you with excellent training and professionalism before heading out into the real world.

Some students may want to research the success rate of the previous students at that particular flight school. If it is a highly respected Training School, it may have a very good record in regard to it's students finding jobs. Some schools may have a record of hiring their own students into Flight Instructor positions - which is a great way to get your first job.

Other students can be extremely cost conscious and look to train at the least expensive school. The only caution we have here is to make sure you are receiving adequate training at such a school.

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