New Pilots

Skill Aviation

Pilot Training and Flight School in Illinois, USA

Flight Training Provided
Private Pilot Certificate, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Multi Engine IFR/IR, Multi Engine Sim Training
Additional Ground School / Seminars
PPL, CPL, ME, IFR, IR, ATP / ATPL / Frozen ATPL Exams
Home Airport(s)
KUGN - Waukegan Regional Airport (Chicago/Waukegan IL)
Single Engine and Simulators
Diamond DA20 Eclipse Singles, DA40 Star Singles, Cirrus SR22, Cessna 152 Single, 172 Singles, 172RG Single, 182RG Skylane Single.
Multi-Engine and Simulators
Diamond DA42 Twin Star, DA42NG Twin Star
Flight School Address
Skill Aviation
Waukegan Regional Airport
2346 West Beach Road
Waukegan, IL 60087-1530
Tel: 847 599-9955
Flight Training Contacts
Mr. Jim Ader, Chief Flight Instructor, Mr. Greg Smith, Asst. Chief Flight Instructor
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